By now you’ll know that it’s ESSENTIAL to show off to the examiner that you’re able to APPLY relevant theory to the pre-seen.

However, we’ve seen many CIMA students make the mistake of unnecessarily ‘name dropping’ theory as an attempt to impress the examiner. Don’t fall into this trap!

First of all, let us show you a quick example of CIMA theory incorporated poorly into an answer…

“X company are currently having difficulties with motivation at work due to employee frustration over low pay (as per Hertzberg’s hygiene theory).”

See the problem?!

When using theory in your answers make sure you do TWO things:

  • Firstly, use the APPROPRIATE MODELS
  • Secondly, only use them where they ADD VALUE to your answer

This is where pre-learned paragraphs certainly can come in handy!

They ensure that you cover the theory in sufficient depth and in a way that allows you to connect it to the point you’re making about the case study.

It’s simple! Here’s how you do it:

  • Take a piece of theory that is likely to appear in the exam
  • Produce about 3-4 lines explaining the theory
  • Finally, add a final line or new paragraph which relates it back to the case study and most importantly the question asked in the exam!

Here’s an example:

“According to Hertzberg people must have their ‘hygiene’ factors met such as security, safety and good working conditions or they will become demotivated at work, while to positively motivate someone ‘motivating’ factors such as responsibility, recognition and a chance of promotion must be present.

In this issue the ……. would represent a hygiene factor and as such we must work to rectify this, whilst ……. is an important motivating factor and to positively motivate staff in the future we should work to develop this.”

The good news is that Hertzberg’s theory is commonly examined in all case study exams so this is definitely one to remember!

You can create your own pre-prepared paragraphs or we can help!

Each case study sitting we run two live online masterclasses. In the second masterclass, our expert CIMA tutors give lots of examples of pre-prepared paragraphs which you can memorise and use in your answers as a way to score high marks.

 The masterclass also covers a wide range of topics, including:
  • What the examiners say you must and must not do in the exam
  • A review of our top 10 most likely issues to appear in the exam
  • What our markers are saying about the mock answers of students this sitting
  • Key tips for saving time in the exam
  • Whether you are using the pre-seen information correctly
  • Identifying your mock performance and how to improve to score more marks
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