Imagine it’s the week leading up your CIMA case study exam…

…Now take a look at these two common scenarios:

Student 1 has worked really hard for their CIMA case study exam, feels well prepared, and is treating the last few days as a final ‘revision’ phase. . So, they are already in a STRONG Position and are now just building on it.

Student 2, in contrast, feels they haven’t done enough work and is under-prepared. As a result, they are a bit OVERWHELMED by the amount they still need to learn for the CIMA case study and don’t know the key things they need to do to get through it all.

Most probably you will find yourself somewhere between the two! But whatever the situation, I have a to-do list of things which I recommend you focus on during the last few days of case study revision to really make the most out of the limited time available. Here we go:

1) Have a look through the official CIMA Examiners’ Reports.

These report contains very important information! It includes VITAL advice for students sitting the exam and also identifies exactly what the examiners will be looking for! – Examiners’ Reports

2) Know the pre-seen inside out.

By this point, you should certainly know the pre-seen and industry really well. A good idea is to now learn 20 to 25 industry examples. Examiners LOVE this and it’s an easy way to the score marks!

3) Write a one-page fact sheet. 

This should contain key points from the pre-seen that you can use in the CIMA case study exam. Remember, you probably will not have time to refer back to the pre-seen on the day of your exam as your main focus will be on the unseen.

4) Know the key theory. 

At this stage you should know most of the theory but it’s worth spending a bit of time refreshing your knowledge on areas most likely to come up in the exam. Don’t forget, theory isn’t tested directly in the way it is in objective tests – the key skill is knowing how to apply it!

5) Attempt a final mock. 

I definitely recommend that you go back through ALL of the feedback you’ve received in previous mocks and apply it in one final mock exam. In my view, this is one of the most important things you can do during these last few days. If you haven’t taken a mock by the week before your aim, it’s vital that you complete at least one to make sure you know what to expect on the big day! – OCS Mocks, MCS Mocks & SCS Mocks

6) Memorise some pre-learned paragraphs. 

This is another great way to score easy marks in the CIMA case study exam. You simply need to take a piece of theory and explain how it works. As a result, you will then just need to apply it to the question asked in the exam.

7) Attend our final Masterclass. 

This is a great last-minute revision opportunity. Above all, the aim of the day is to put you in the best possible position for your CIMA case study exam. This popular session focuses on what it takes to pass and what you need to do to get those extra marks on exam day. If you are watching it live, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and discuss the theory with our experienced CIMA qualified tutor – find out more here – OCS Masterclass, MCS Masterclass & SCS Masterclass

Finally, my overall advice is to pick some of the actions from the list above that you feel are most important to you. If you can cover all of these just before your exam you will certainly be in a great place!

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