Over the last few years I’ve been posting weekly Facebook tips to provide you with my BEST advice on how to pass your exams.

I thought I’d go through them select some of my favourites for you. Ones that I think will really make a big difference to your case study exams.

AND here are five really good ones for you, just click on the link to find out more…

1) Add depth by asking why? why? why? – Keep asking yourself why the point you’ve made is important and you will be sure to increase your mark in the exam.

2) Read through the unseen, create a plan, and don’t look back – Save yourself the time of going backwards and forwards to the unseen during the exam. Remember, every moment is critical!

3) Don’t over think, write for 90% of the time – This may be surprising advice but it’s really important if you’re to be successful in the exam…

4) Are you a logical thinker? – Logical reasoning is an essential part to making good business decisions – a VITAL skill needed to pass the case study!

5) Find out EXACTLY what the examiners are looking for – After all, these are the people you need to be impress! 

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